Mascarié (def. Franceh Provencal for "bewitching", "enchantment"...)

Since 2014, Mascarié blends theatricality, music, and dance, to bring a unique form of lyrical storytelling to life. With dancers from around the world, performances are influenced from the folkloric dances of the Middle East, China and South Africa, contemporary and modern dance, American Tribal Style, and more. Mascarié is a collective of dancers who share a love for tribal fusion belly dance. The group first came together in Ottawa, Canada from 2014-2016. Since 2016, Mascarié has reformed in Brussels, Belgium, where we are now based.

Photo Credits: With many thanks to Shankari River, Hilstad Photography, Azimir Burzic

Chantal fell in love with Tribal style belly dance after seeing her first American Tribal Style teacher, Lisa Pennock of Tribal Pulse, perform in 2006. Her calling to the style was intuitive in its blend of both feminine strength and grace. The style's fusion of folkloric dances also strongly resonated with her own mixed heritage. 


She delved into Tribal Fusion a few years later and continued to learn from leading names in Tribal Fusion at every available opportunity. Her style is influenced by a childhood in traditional chinese dance and ballet, and later forays into traditional belly dance, contemporary and ballroom. She has performed in the US, Canada and Belgium. Chantal completed Rachel Brice's 8 Elements Phase I: Initiation with Recognition in March 2016.

Now living in Brussels, Chantal is deepening her knowledge of belly dance and its history. Since meeting her teacher, Maëlle, she has refocused her training in Salimpour School technique. She has obtained Jamila Salimpour Format Level 2 certification (April 2019) and Suhaila Salimpour Format Level 2 certification (April 2018). Chantal now also performs as part of the Belgium Salimpour Dance Collective. She hopes to continuing growing as a dancer through this format.

Chantal - Director.​ Dancer.

Mascarie Brussels

Mathilde - Dancer.

After a brief stint with ragga and Bollywood dance, it is with belly dance that Mathilde experiences love at first sight in 2015. Ever since, she has been training in the Salimpour technique and with her teacher Maëlle, and has whole-heartedly committed herself to all things belly dance.


She became certified Suhaila Salimpour Format Level 1 in April 2017 and Jamila Salimpour Format Level 1 certified in June 2017, and is now part of the Belgium Salimpour Collective. When Mathilde isn’t belly dancing, she is also an avid pole and aerial dancer.

Tamy - Dancer.

Tamy has been a dancer since her early childhood: ballet, ragga, flamenco, belly dance and more. She discovered belly dance in 2010, and quickly became enchanted by both classical belly dance and fusion. (edit: She's also a super lovely and modest person, who hasn't mentioned that she is a multiple award winning belly dancer!)


She naturally accepted embarking on a new adventure with Chantal to showcase Mascarie’s choreographies at various events – a new challenge she hopes to meet with enthusiasm and good spirit!

Lilou - Dancer.

Lilou started off as but a humble street clown who loved to shimmy and shake to all types of music. Enchanted by belly dance from a very young age, it was only when arriving to the Brussels region in 2016 that she made her dream come true: to a acquire a solid foundation in dance.


She first discovered the Salimpour technique through Maëlle, and has since had the opportunity to meet other tribal fusion enthusiasts with whom to dance and progress. A story to be continued….

Catalina - Dancer.

Originally from Colombia, Catalina carries latin rhythms in her soul. It is salsa, merengue, bachata that she first learned to master during her early years. Her move to Paris allowed her to discover a variety of other styles, including African dance, raggajam and hip hop.


It was in 2007, in Valencia that Catalina met Teresa Tomàs, and fell in love with belly dance. For 3 years, she perfected Teresa’s technique as a member of Arabeya. She discovered the Salimpour format in 2015 through Maëlle in Brussels and hopes to continue to grow and flourish in all dance styles.

Mascarie Ottawa

Miranda - dancer.

Miranda was introduced to belly dance as an early teen. So moved by the empowering beauty of belly dance, her heart was set on learning everything about it. Because belly dance teachers were not available in her small town of Aylmer, she took matters into her own hands and worked on her own to recreate what she had seen. 


It wasn't until 2000, that Miranda met an experienced belly dancer who rekindled her love for belly dance. She began to explore the Ottawa community of belly dancers, and eventually found the style she most strongly identified with: Tribal Fusion. Miranda began lessons with Chantal in the Fall of 2013. Since then, Miranda transitioned from student to performer and workshop teacher.

Jennica - Dancer. Promo & Design.

Passionate about art and cultural histories, Jennica became interested in bellydance as a teenager. Over the years, Jennica has taken classes in a variety of styles, but nothing spoke to her quite like belly dance. Once Jennica became a student of Oriental bellydance with Anna & Safiya in Ottawa, Jennica also took the opportunity to study under other talented instructors from or visiting the area to expand her repertoire and improve her foundation.


When Jennica stumbled into the world of ATS, she was fascinated. She found herself incorporating fusion-style moves when she could. In the summer of 2014, she saw Mascarié perform and knew it was time for her to try classes devoted to this strong and diverse style of dance. The next day, she signed up for their workshop, and has been a student of Chantal's ever since. 

Angelika - Dancer.

Originally from Ukraine, Angelika has been dancing since she was 7, starting in Jazz and Ukrainian Folk dancing. Angelika discovered belly dance during university and built the foundation she uses today from there. When she moved to Ottawa, Angelika continued her training in Egyptian bellydance wit Anna and Safiya and spent her own time on improvisation to refine her style.


When Angelika first saw Mascarié perform at one of Halyma's Ottawa Community Class Party in the summer of 2014, she found the motions and forms a perfect fit to her own aesthetic. She jumped at the chance to learn from Chantal and Miranda during their first workshop later that summer. Since then, Angelika has been studying with Chantal and dancing as a part of Mascarié. 


JACQUI - Dancer.

​Jacqui is a professional storyteller and dancer from South Africa. She has been dancing from the tender age of 3 in Ballet, before moving on to Tap, Modern Dancing and Zulu dancing. Feeling that she needed to expand her growth in the language of dance, she studied physical theatre movement and hip hop. During this time, Jacqui developed a taste for belly dancing and began to practice on her own.


In 2012, Jacqui met Chantal and the two went on to collaborate together under Jacqui's 8thGeneration Theatre Company. Chantal eventually introduced her to Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing. Since then, Jacqui has adopted a more Fusion style of dance to bring all of her experiences under one roof.