Dancer Spotlight: Angelika

Get to know the girls of Mascarie through our new dancer spotlight series! What else do you want to know? Leave us suggestions in the comments :)

Dancer Spotlight Series: ANGELIKA

Biggest dance inspiration: Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, and my dance ladies -Jennica, Chantal, and Miranda

One thing you can't dance without: Something jingly

Your personal dance style in one word: catlike

Favourite costume you've worn so far: Marionette doll costume -including corset and tutu!

Your signature make up look: cat eyes, red lips and lots of contouring

If you could master one other dance, what would it be: The one dance style that I haven't tried yet that I've wanted to is ballet

3 non-dance things that make your happy in life: my family (my partner and cat), arts & crafts, and tasty noms

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