Dancer Spotlight: Miranda

Dancer Spotlight: MIRANDA

Biggest dance inspiration: The first time I did a web search for belly dance, the two dancers at the top of my web search were sadi and Rachel Brice. I will never forget that moment, when I saw them dance I was blown away. From then on out I told myself I have to be as good as them, one day.

One thing you can't dance without: Some sort of hip scarf or belt. I find it the feeling of something around my hips keeps me in line and in good form.

Your personal dance style in one word: Classic. I'm working on complexity and accuracy of classic belly dance and tribal circa 10 years ago. I don't want to fuse my dance style so much that a spectator can't recognise my style as belly dance.

Favourite costume you've worn so far: My first costume. It was red, made from a north Indian sari.

Your signature make up look:Big black and gold smokey cat eyes. Can't go wrong! Its a look I've used for clubbing so it works for stage.

If you could master one other dance, what would it be: Salsa!

3 non-dance things that make your happy in life: 1) I'm a huge fan of art in all its forms. 2) I'm from a family of artists and actively creating through dance and costuming. 3) I love animals and wine.

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