Dancer Spotlight: Jennica

Dancer Spotlight: JENNICA

Biggest dance inspiration: This answer is always changing, depending on who I've been looking up or how I'm feeling. Right now? Moira Chappell, Kami Liddle and Rachel Brice. My instructors. And of course, I also love how we inspire and fuel each other within our troupe.

One thing you can't dance without: Music that speaks to me. Maybe this is cheesey or cliché, or even a failing, but there are just some songs or artists that I cannot dance to. I just can't. But then there are these other songs that have this amazing ability to bring out the rhythm in me, that I can't help but dance to.

• Your personal dance style in one word: Hippy? Yes, let's go with hippy.

• Favourite costume you've worn so far: Hands down the costume for the Fates piece. I had a lot of fun designing and making it. Everything just came together exactly how I envisioned when we were in the basic planning stages. Everyone looked fantastic and we matched yet beautifully yet were unique in our own ways. It was a really gratifying. But I mean, maybe I'm biased, but that's totally okay ;)

• Your signature make up look: Vintage cat eyes and dark lipstick. And if I'm lucky, Angelika's magical contouring! :D

If you could master one other dance, what would it be: Probably Odissi or Kathak. They're so beautiful and fascinating to watch. I'd love to have the opportunity to learn either of these dances. Or, any Indian dance, really. They're so intense and complex and colourful, rich in expression and cultural history. Talented dancers who put so much energy and work into their choreographies are absolutely mesmerizing. Learning any of these dances and finding out more about how they connect into the histories of the dances we do today, would be extremely rewarding.

3 non-dance things that make your happy in life: 1) kitten snuggles 2) artistic expression and 3) the amazing people in my life <3

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