Dancer Spotlight: Chantal

Dancer Spotlight: CHANTAL

Biggest dance inspiration: Learning from Rachel Brice back in 2009 changed the way I look at movement forever, Moria Chappell infused my need to explore meaning and drama in my dance, but more recently, Deb Rubin, because everything she does is flawless and magical to me!

One thing you can't dance without: My snake armband. Its little eyes fell out and everything, but it was the first dance thing I bought, so I wear it because it's been with me through my whole dance journey.

Your personal dance style in one word: Graceful... I've tried to be other "cooler" things, but that is what people see, and I'm actually good with that.

Favourite costume you've worn so far: My dark costume form Miranda and my light/dark duet, mostly because of the dreamy irradescent feather collar (but also because I want to steal that bra and belt set from Miranda... or you can put it in your will for me, okay?)

Your signature make up look: I've tried, but I can't go without eyeliner, I just can't. Nothing else matters.

If you could master one other dance, what would it be: I've always had a love affair with tango and ballet (both of which I'm working on! One because it's passionate and beautiful, and the other because I love the classic look), but I currently have a serious crush on waltz, because of the way the movement transports you. The better you get, the more you feel like you are actually floating on clouds beyond time and space... So waltz!

3 non-dance things that make your happy in life: 1) Disney because I'm a hopeless romantic optimist at heart 2) sushi because yum 3) stretching because it does the body good! (I would mention loved ones, but they are not things!!!)

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